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5th grade class
Instructor: Levey, Georgina   
5th grade survey
 Hi Guys- you now have a chance to grade me for once! I would really like your feedback about this school year. PLease click here to take my survey
Writing Portfolio Instructions
 You are going to prepare your final pieces for your writing portfolio by following these instructions:

1) Find the writing portfolio that you created in 4th grade and make sure it is labeled like this:

1)      last name, first name and grad. Year (example: Levey, Georgina 1990)

2) Put your state adventure story into this portfolio and then choose one other piece of writing from this year to put into it too

3) Then click here to open a reflection document and "save a copy" in your portfolio folder. Type up a reflection for the state adventure story. 

4) Then click here again to open the reflection document again and "save a copy into the portfolio once again. Type up a second reflection for the second writing piece you chose

2 pieces go into it… one we choose and one they choose

3)      Kids need to write a reflection about their writing after each piece

Colorado Book responses
 Click here for link
Digital Dropbox
 Click here to turn in any assignments online
Universal Themes
 You are going to click here to get started

Then when you are done with the form, click here and type in all ten of your words with a space in between each word. Then hit "create" and see what happens

Once your Wordle looks the way you want it to, copy the URL address given to you once you "save it to a public gallery" and then click here
Discussion Topics
Web Pages
There are currently no quizzes.
 General Field Trip Forms
All documents needed for child to go on a school field trip
 Math Homework
Most math homework assignments are in this folder
 Reading & Language Arts Homework
Most homework that is assigned to the students is in this folder
 Research, Study and Project Tools
Resources that help make research and studying easier for students
 Social Studies
resources (atlas) and work for this area
 textbook scavenger hunt support pages.pdf
textbook pages to support scavenger hunt work due Oct. 23rd
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